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Thread: tri-x in tmax developer

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    tri-x in tmax developer

    I usually use Tmax films striclty, but recently I wanted to try tri-X 400. So I got a roll of 35mm, and I'm looking to develop it myself in my Tmax RS developer. The times recommended by kodak are 4 1/2 at 75 degrees. I know that it's not recommended to have development times under 5 minutes. Is this still ok for me to develop this roll using Tmax RS? Thanks


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    tri-x in tmax developer

    There is a reason that little voice says there is a better way. Listen to it. ( right off telling you to try somthing other than t-minimum is a good start) If it's worth shooting then it's worth developing for the optimum. John Berry

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    tri-x in tmax developer

    There are probably as many opinions on what to develop in what as there are people who develop their own film. For my tastes, in my experience with Tri-X, I prefer HC-110 Dilution G, 22 minutes at 68 F with agitation only every 3rd minute. Bumps the film speed without increasing contrast, and doen't exaggerate grain at all (IMO).

    However, I'd suggest getting several more rolls of Tri-X and trying it with other developers, too. Some folks like Rodinal. Some like D-76. I've developed Tri-X in coffee (Caffenol) with excellent results (but the developer is pretty stinky). All a matter of what works for you.

    However, nothing you learn with 35 mm Tri-X will really transfer to Tri-X in large format sizes; the 320TXP sold in 120 and larger is a completely different emulsion from the 400TX sold in 120 and 35 mm.
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    tri-x in tmax developer

    Hi Brian,

    If you insist on developing Tri-X in T-Max RS developer (although it will probably give you a useable negative, and I don't recommend it), cool the temperature down to 68-70F and develope for longer than 5 minutes. At least give yourself a fighting chance to get a better result.

    To get the best result with Tri-X (both roll film and sheet film), I would use Kodak D-76 1:1 or HC110 dilution B.

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    tri-x in tmax developer

    I agree with Eugene , though I would also try ISO -200 or 100 and run in PMK developer.

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    tri-x in tmax developer

    Tri-X is pretty nice in D76 and also Xtol 1:2 or 1:3

    It can also be exquisite in D23 (take a look at Geoffrey James' or Sugimoto's work for example)
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