It has finally happened. My 11x14 has turned into an 8x10....or so it seems. That only took a few years. After working with the 11x14 I now crave a larger negative. The 14x17 would be as large as I would want to go. The 16x20 is a tad large and beefy for what I am looking for. So maybe the 14x17 could do the job. The lens selection that I have would carry over to the 14x17 as well. There would be the need to buy additional holders. A reducing back would still allow me to use 11x14 as I do not want to give that format up. Has anyone else made the jump from 11x14 to 14x17? If so was it worth the jump? As this is a very pricey move opinions are welcome. Horror stories or otherwise. Maybe I should just be happy and stay with the 11x14. It is a great sized negative......but so would a 14x17.