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Thread: Am I the last new guy?

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    Re: Am I the last new guy?

    That's a nice kit. You have everything you need to shoot. Check youtube on loading holders, then find a dark closet and laod some of that black and white film and have at it.

    Actually, what I recommend is that you find an LF shooter in your area and meet up for a few hours. It is possible to learn everything over the internet (I did), but it will take a while to learn what you could from someone in a few hours. If you were in Bangkok I would walk you through the process from loading holders to using the camera to developing film and making a contact print or enlargement in a couple hours.

    Let me know if you are out this way

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    Re: Am I the last new guy?

    Welcome To LF photography, always remember to close your lens after you focus and remove your darkslide before tripping the shutter and another important tip.. put your darkslide back in before removing the film holder from the camera : )
    "WOW! Now thats a big camera. By the way, how many megapixels is that thing?"

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    Re: Am I the last new guy?

    Nope. A Frenchman named Lional1972 just joined so you are not the last.

    Welcome to the forum. You have a nice kit there. Have fun!


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