I have a perfectly functional one of these that I've had since the 70s, but the battery door is gone and I have to press the 9V up into the recess while making the reading. I got another meter on Ebay, which arrived with a cracked door and then promptly died.
The battery door seems to be a weak part in the design. But overall, I've loved the meter for giving me accurate readings down through the years...most recently out in the Colorado Rockies

However, I have the cracked door in two pieces and am going to take it to a machinist to ask him to mill me out a copy in aluminum, which will NOT break. He can probably make a few as easily as one. Does anyone else have need of one? I have no idea yet of whether he can or what it might cost. Yes, I know it might be an ideal project for 3D printing in plastic, but the door is thin and I've had it with cracking plastic.

Any interest? This isn't truly a For Sale, as I don't know what it would cost yet...and it would be more of a service to anyone that needs it, rather than something I have that's For Sale.