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    Re: "View Camera Store" ... ? ...

    Bruce's (my) Field Camera Store is at We used to carry a full line of Schneider & Rodenstock lenses and numerous brands of cameras, as well as holders, tripods, film. The recession has slowed us down a bit. Right now we are primarily importers for Lotus and Ebony cameras, and special order other things. We do have a large stock of Fidelity holders.

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    Re: "View Camera Store" ... ? ...


    I am happy to see you are importing Lotus, they are beautiful cameras. I have always wanted a 5X7 Lotus but it is just a TAD out of reach at this time. I have use one and it was the smoothest camera I have ever had the pleasure to try.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    I just purchased a new 8x10 canham traditional . Service was five star and the price was excellent. Fred could have made an extra five hundred dollars off me but encouraged me to try my new camera first before buying the wide angle bellows. I found I really didn't need itxand saved nearly five hundred dollars. I've purchased a couple of other expensive items and needed service on one. I couldn't have asked for more or better service than I received from Fred and his crew. I plan to purchase future equipment from them and can not say enough good about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Ellis View Post
    Agreed on both counts. Except as a learning technique I don't know why anyone does their own film testing when TVCS will do it for you for about $30 and give you more and better information than you can get on your own. When I used to do the testing myself it wasn't unusual to go through a box of film so $30 may be about what you'd pay doing it yourself.
    If you do much testing, you can pick up a densitometer for ~$100 used and buy the film plotter software from The View Camera Store and do as many film and paper tests as you like. I did a couple test from TVCS then started on my own. I can do a film/developer test easily now and feel comfortable with it.

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