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Thread: Ilford warmtone : slashed prices!! : - O

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    Ilford warmtone : slashed prices!! : - O

    I just came back from the freestyle facility in Santa Fe Springs , the warehouse, i was looking for Ilford mg IV warmtone 50 pack that they never have , and this time also they confirmed their trend .
    BUT! They have for sale the 10 sheets pack for $ 3.79 for 11 x 14 , and the 25 sheets pack at $ 6.64 for 8 x 10.
    After asking about the quality Amy , the girl working at the desk , told me she hasn't had any complain.
    I did my shopping , i am set for a while , and i decided ( after some thinking : - ) ) to pass the deal to you guys, if you don't know yet about it .
    Happy shopping!

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    Ilford warmtone : slashed prices!! : - O

    Freestyle's had it on sale for a few months now. I like it. I tried to find the Santa Fe Springs store once and didn't bring the address. I went up and down Florence and I now believe that it 's probably easier to get there by Norwalk blvd.

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