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Thread: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    Quote Originally Posted by jp View Post
    ...bigger lensboard (such as if you want an AE)...
    More comfortable fit for a universal iris clamp, too, which goes nicely with the focal plane shutter if one wants to play with lenses in barrel.

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    Quote Originally Posted by jp View Post
    Looks like a great camera. I like those better than the Pacemakers. More shutter speed options, bigger lensboard (such as if you want an AE), you can build your own lensboards if you have a tablesaw. I use a pre-anniversary (older) variant for these reasons. You can add a graflock back later if you want. That looks like a 4x5. Graflock is only super important if you want to shoot instant film or use a roll film back.
    That's excellent! the AE prices are pretty crazy at the moment so I may settle for trying an old Buhl projection lens I've had lying around for a while, if I can figure out how to mount it onto a lens board.
    If I manage to get hold of a graflock back down the line, what are the options in terms of instant films and polaroid backs? is there a recommended size I should look for?

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    Think about Graflok back more for roll film back than instant. There isn't much out there for instant film anymore.

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    Forget the Graflok back. If you want to shoot roll film use your medium format cameras, or get a Calumet Rollfilm back that will slide under a springback.

    Easiest way to mount a projection lens with no flange is to cut the hole tight, wrap tape around the middle of the lens, slide the lens in and then wrap tape on the back, or use a hose clamp. It may not look to nice, but it will work, and thats all you want to get started.

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    And if you want to mount numerous lenses with flanges, get a couple packs of different size small brass screws on ebay or amazon so you don't have to run to the hardware store for small screws anytime you make another lensboard to mount a lens.
    If the lens isn't heavy and has no flange, hot glue works too, so long as you light-tight it with flocking or tape after.
    I don't bother with roll film on these cameras. If I want to shoot rollfilm, I have a rolleiflex and yashica that are good at that.

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    Re: Purchasing a 4x5 Speed Graphic

    Quote Originally Posted by VulpesVulpesVulpes View Post
    I have bought two from eBay (in quick succession) which a kind user on Flickr pointed out have been incorrectly listed as 4x5, and are in fact one of the smaller models.
    Did you and I discuss this camera on Flickr? I believe I opined that some eBay sellers did not know of a new measuring invention called "a ruler".

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