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Thread: Century 10a - what's the dif and other details

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    Century 10a - what's the dif and other details

    Hello again.

    I recently bought what I think is a Century 10a 8x10 camera with a stand - basically I bought them for the lens and now will be stuck with selling the camera and stand (separate or preferably together) to make at least some of the money back...
    I have two basic questions:

    1) What's the difference between say Century 7 and 10A? What are some of the special features of the 10?

    2) The back that's on it is a Graflex sliding carriage 4x5 (previous owner is still looking for the original 8x10 back, but chances are slim). The only reason I actually think that this is a Century 10a is because the back says that that's what camera it's for... My question regardig the back is a more general one. I've seen backs that slide around to give you 2 images on a sheet of 5x7 - the purpose of that is clear. However this back seems to have a 4x5 opening - so why would I want to slide around a back like that within the 8x10 frame?

    Oh, also if anyone reading this is within driving distance from NJ and is interested in this set (both stand and camera are in excellent+ condition) do not hesitate to express interest.

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Century 10a - what's the dif and other details

    I have a 7a. I believe the main difference is that the 10a had an extension track, and thus more extension. See:

    Pictures are always a good idea....
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    Re: Century 10a - what's the dif and other details

    Thank you Peter!

    A perfect match! That's exactly what it looks like

    I'm gonna post it for sale - I only got it for the lens and now am hoping to recoup at least some of the cost and free up a basement too.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Century 10a - what's the dif and other details

    "basically, I bought then for the lens".

    Indeed! This is how my Dallmeyers, Portrait Euryskops and Universal Heliars arrived. Be glad that the Century stand can split into parts. Victorian furniture stands are much worse!

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    Re: Century 10a - what's the dif and other details


    I did that once too

    then sold off the camera and stand at give away prices days later..I found a I then went shopping for ANOTHER camera and stand..and man

    am I glad I did

    those cameras and stands rule..for studio work anyway have a basement?? in san diego?

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