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Thread: "The F-Stops Here"

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    Doug Dolde

    "The F-Stops Here"

    Regarding the store by that name, ttp:// I have been unable to contact them. No answers to email and the phone just keeps ringing with no answer. Does anyone know what's up with them?

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    Then it would be a great idea for Jon to shut down the revised photo website just to be consistent with his business plan to sell.


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    "The F-Stops Here"

    Simich is Jon's last name. His kin may be "running" the operation. I know I'm ordering the Bill Blass "Faux Fur" Vest. No one would mistake me for a photographer as I set up my equipment wearing that puppy ...

    “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?”

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    I "purchased" a lens via online checkout on the F-Stops Here website in mid-December. My credit card was never charged, I have not received the lens, and none of my e-mails been returned nor my phone calls answered. I have given up at this point.

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    Too bad. When they were out in California they were a great store and a great resource. Sorry to see them leave the field.

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    I got an email from Jon just a week ago!

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    I guess the "f" finally stopped...
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    "The F-Stops Here"

    I ordered an F64 bag from them. Got a call that it was backordered and asked if I wanted to wait. I said yes and they charged my credit card. Several weeks went by and I emailed and got a response that they were still backordered but would ship in a week, did I want my money refunded or wait?

    I waited, then in two weeks no bag, no more email response, nothing. I made a claim with my credit card company and got my moeny back. Never another word from the FStop.

    Too bad, I wanted to support these kinds of businesses.

    Steve Williams
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    "The F-Stops Here"

    Maybe they went to Costa Rica with Wisner?

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    "The F-Stops Here"

    I had two mildly bad experiences with this place - used items with obvious defects not mentioned in the listings. One was an Agfa Ansco 5x7 camera with a minor omission in the item description - nothing was said about the black paint someone had haphazardly sprayed all over the front of the camera including the chrome. Then there was the lens that stuck open on B and T. My impression was that they misrepresented equipment with the hope that the buyer wouldn't return it but if it was returned they did refund the purchase price. I heard they went out of business some time ago, no great loss IMHO.
    Brian Ellis
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