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Thread: Carry-On Worst Case Scenarios

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    Carry-On Worst Case Scenarios

    I have a small rollaboard, which does not indicate that it is heavy like a backpack over your shoulder, plus a couple of taxfree shopping plastic bags which hold my film. Secruity and airline personnel do not object to a taxfree bag or two.

    My 4x5 or 6x9 stays in the Phototrekker which goes in a sturdy Northface duffle along with clothing. The 8x10 monorail stays in the Supertrekker which goes into a hard-shell blue plastic Samsonite along with the Gitzo 1548 tripod.

    In general, I think that you Americans' love story with carryons is coming to an end - might as well accept it and get suitable bags for checked luggage.
    Lars Åke Vinberg

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    Carry-On Worst Case Scenarios

    " Check with your insurance agent for what is covered. You might want to buy supplementary insurance. Generally the airlines do not cover photographic equipment."

    This is with good reason. Who has access to it when you have to check it in? Low paid gorillas & morons who can recognize a high ticket item they can dump for cash fast. The airlines know this stuff disappears from the bags easily & quickly & won't insure it because it is cheaper to deny it happens than to employ better security or pay insurance premiums to cover the items.

    At that your insurance may well enable you to replace everything even with new & upgraded versions. Just what you need when you are on that long trip & your 8x10 Deardorff & 3 classic lenses you aquired over a lifetime are 'lost' and you can't get replacements where you are. Wait til you are home, file the claim & 3 months to 2 years later finally replace what was stolen. Sure helps to cement the vacation in your mind.

    With the security goons emptying prescription drugs in the suitcase & handling it without clean gloves, you can make a claim & the airlines will pay.(Delta has for us a number of times, you think they would get tired of it) But this doesn't help much, getting paid later for something as simple as having you there when they check things. They could use this system with camera gear packed, have you there to help against breakage & then repack it & tape & strap it against breaking open & track it on flight to reduce theft claims. Once again, they won't do it because it takes time.

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    Carry-On Worst Case Scenarios

    In October 2004 I traveled from Chicago to Portland (OR) to San Francisco roundtrip without any ID (forgot my driver's license back in Chicago) and carrying on a 1520 Pelican Case containing two lenses, lensboards, shutter, boxes of film, Polaroid 545i, my Toyo 45AX, and even a scary looking shutter release. I was also carrying my Bogen Manfrotto 3221W tripod with 3047 head, and the three-way head arms with threaded ends were in the Pelican case. I was also carrying a Brenthaven backpack with a laptop.

    Although getting searched was no problem (the folks were even friendly and very fascinated by my 'old-fashioned' gear), the delays were significant (15 minutes to get the full search). Had I remembered my "government-issued ID", this delay would have been non-existent, but I've had no trouble getting all this equipment through security and carried on to several airplanes on several occassions.

    On my way back from California (Yosemite) I even tested positive for a military explosive known as Cemtex (sp?), which the officers told me could not have been contracted through chemicals in a darkroom (that was my only guess). Nevertheless, after a few minutes of conversation the friendly officers at Portland International Airport let me get on the plane, equipment examined but unscathed.

    My lessons were (1) remember my ID and (2) think about buying a lighter tripod! ;-)

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