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Thread: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative to Photoshop?

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    Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative tp Photoshop?

    Thanks for bringing this back to the foreground. It's really promising.

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    Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative tp Photoshop?

    I have it also on my Mac and from time to time I work with it and it will be my future PS. But as long as my payed PS CS6 is running I still work with it! But I decided to start to do all my privat work on Affinity till I get used to it and then I switch fully over to it!
    By by Adobe!!! Lost to much money on them the last 2 decades!

    Cheers Armin

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    Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative tp Photoshop?

    some of the things you might be used to 1-click or a radio button or pull down menu on PS
    do not exist on AP. "save for web" for example, you need to manually do a 2 or 3 step sequence
    about 3 or 4 times and at the time i looked at the program there was no work around ( and it was a pain )
    and .. if you do any channel splitting and working with RGB channels for trichrome or whatever else you might use
    there is ( was? ) no way to do this with the program in an ez way, it was kind of a pain ...
    my experience with their customer service was a real drag.
    when i did the "free trial" i was aware there was a forum based knowledge base ( and videos ) so i registered for their forum
    and asked my couple of questions ...
    the internet is glitchy, their forum was glitchy and my forum use was not approved for maybe 6 + days and no one was able to answer my questions .
    when i emailed someone in tech support he tried to help ( but couldn't do much but tell me my validation was
    and not showing up in the forum )
    and when i telephoned support ( i DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS ) i was greeted by a brash, obnoxious person who was insulting.
    even with a date stamped email chain from tech support he suggested i was for some reason making up that my forum questions were invisible until most of my trial was over.

    so, unless you can figure the program out yourself, and have very little need for questions being answered, or customer support its a great program
    if you have questions that aren't like " how do you crop an image" "how do you adjust contrast" &c you might be SOL

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    Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative to Photoshop?

    I am working with MF and LF format and use Affinity Photo. It is absolutely fantastic, and I really can recommend it.

    Affinity Photo (OS X) version runs on my 9 year old 24" iMac with just 6 GB RAM and a SSD. It is fast, precise and does whatever you want. Only drawback is a relatively long loading time of image files from an external FireWire 800 HD. File sizes between 650 MB and almost 2 GB take some time to pass through the FireWire cable. But working with Affinity is smooth and almost in real time on this 'old machine'. Until today I didn't find anything I couldn't do with it... Best of all: It is a pure image editor and not a hybrid like the old Photoline I had installed for a long time, which had too many vector stuff making the interface cluttered and slow.

    For 49 Euro you can't do anything wrong.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: Affinity Photo - a useful alternative to Photoshop?

    If you want more information about Affinity Photo, checke this list of videos:

    On youtube:

    BTW, the former intro video was even better than the new one:

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