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Thread: Toyo 45A II - front standard disassembly

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    Toyo 45A II - front standard disassembly

    i just got a 45A II and today i did a major CLA adjusting focus tension and repairing broken focus lock. all went good but i have to say am not impressed with part where plastic is glued or a metal (plastic bed cover). i love the camera so far!

    i need to replace the bellows and am still trying to figure out how to pull front standard part. Rise guides are holding one barer and as it appears there is a sub-frame in the back of it. also it looks that bellows are glued to the sub-frame... usually there will be screws coming from front or from inside, but not in this case.

    i tried to find diagram for 45AII but i didnt have luck. today my google-fuu sucks! ith would be walk in the park if i can just see diagram. my gut is telling me (based on experience with glued bed) that there are no screws and that this is just glued, but again that would be really sad if they did it that way.

    i would appreciate any advice form anyone who has disassembled 45A in a past. or if you have a link for diagram or shop Manuel


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    Re: Toyo 45A II - front standard dissasebmly

    The bellows are screwed on, the four screws for the font are "hidden" under round leatherette covers that the arrows are pointing to in the photo below

    There are eight screws in the rear that you can see when the back is removed.

    There are thin metal frames front and rear, I cut them free of the old bellows, clean the adhesive residue off with lacquer thinner and use double-stick tape to secure them in the new bellows. All of the bellows that I've installed need some trimming at the openings (at least the front, anyway) and that's easier with the frames in place.

    Toyo doesn't use a lot of adhesive in the front but a fair amount in the rear, I heat the standards up some with a hair dryer, scrape off what I can with an old credit card and clean up with lacquer thinner.

    I find it easier to install the front bellows first and I like to remove the front standard from the camera when I do, the serial number plate is the stop, remove the two screw from below and the standard will slide right out. The other twelve screws that have been removed so far (4 bellows front, 8 bellows rear) are the same, these two from the number plate/stop are a bit different, I'd keep them separate.

    It helps to have a hole in the bellows material where the screw holes are, I just use a push pin. I put a thin bead of black silicone on the front bellows surface and use the same push pin from the front of the standard to locate the threaded screw holes in the frame. Be careful in both cases not to push the pin too far, you don't want holes in your new bellows

    I use the kind of binder clips you can find in an office supply store to help keep things lined up while I work. The only tough part of this job, really, is that the screws are just barely long enough and unless the holes are lined up just right and the bellows & flange pulled up tight to the standard, it can be hard to get the screws started in the threads.

    After I've finished the front (I leave one of the binder clips on each side in place overnight), I put the camera on the bench, back down, run a thin bead of sealant around the rear mounting surface and slide the front standard back in the track. A small screwdriver helps here to get things lined up, you will see what I mean.

    The rear is a lot like the front, use the binder clips near the screw holes while you line things up. The rear frames usually wind up getting bent at least some but try to keep them as flat as possible so that you can get a good seal. I use a combination of a number of binder clips, along with thin strips of wood (Popsicle sticks, actually) to clamp everything down good while the sealant dries overnight.

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    Re: Toyo 45A II - front standard dissasebmly

    Thanks SCM! I wondered if there is something behind the covered holes but i didnt want to push it without diagram. this is second Toyo i ever worked on and i dont have any technical documentation so better to ask then to brake off something. i really appreciate your help!

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    Re: Toyo 45A II - front standard dissasebmly

    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial.
    It has bern so helpful ! You saved my life.

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