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Thread: a survey

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    a survey

    I want to start a survey & discussion of large format gear. it is informal and I have no ulterior motives (i.e. no sponsors). I am not necessarily interested in brand names but if you want to add that please feel free.

    1.) How much and what type of new equipment primarily used for large format did you purchase in the 12 months? This includes cameras, lenses, accessories, tripods, heads, film holders, darkroom tools, etc.

    2.) How much and what type of the LF gear that you purchased in the last year was used equipment?

    3.) Do have a rough guesstimate total of how much you spent ?

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    a survey

    1) In August 2004, I purchased a Porter Cable tripod, sold for supporting surveying equipment and/or laser levels.

    2) Within the past year, I have purchased a Zeiss-Ikon 250/7 Ideal (9x12 cm plate camera) sold as parts, and an Ica 225 Ideal (also 9x12 cm) -- and found it easier to repair the parts camera than the "good" one, though the good one supplied ground glass back and film holders. I've also purchased additional film holders for these, and one lot of film sheaths, all in 9x12 cm size.

    3) My total expenditure on LF equipment in the past year has been approximately $225 including everything above.
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    a survey

    new 5x7 . Tripod. Head. Easel.

    used. 8x10,5x7. Colour analyzer. film holders 5x7 and 8x10.

    Do I have to think about cost? Close to $3k I guess.

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    a survey

    I generally do not purchase new large format equipment, and definitely none over the last couple of years. I've picked up a couple of long-ish RD Artar lenses in the past year (a 19" in shutter and a 24" in barrell), and a few other odds and ends that don't immediately come to mind. I'd say my total equipment expenditure in the last year was about $1000.

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    a survey

    Oh my! Do we HAVE to admit this publicly????

    Since I just started in LF about a year ago, the list is lengthy!

    1 Combi-Plan 4x5 daylight tank, new, $88

    1 e-bay Schneider convertable lens, mediocre quality $135

    Cherry wood to build 1 camera $100

    Clear Fir to build a tripod $100

    2 Beseler Dichro 45 color heads from e-bay - about $400 total

    1 Beseler Dichro 45 from a friend - price is private

    1 Enlarger lens from a friend - price is private

    Wood to build an enlarger - $0

    Negative carrier - $30

    1 Pentax (old) Spot Meter from e-bay - about $75

    Maple wood to build a second camera - $150

    1 Beseler D.A.T.A. module - $60

    1 Beseler PM1 color analizer - $30

    I am sure there are a number of things I have forgotten! I also haven't included film and chemicals, which would add another $300 to the total.

    If it wasn't for e-bay and building my own stuff, there's no way I could afford this!

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    a survey


    Most of my purchases in the last year related to digital darkroom or lighting, a little over $8000 all told. That included:

    All new for Digital Darkroom transition:
    1)Epson 3200, then 4870 scanners and a Canon 9950F which was returned.
    2)Epson 4000 with extended waranty and C86 printers
    3)New Monitor
    4)Imageprint RIP with maintenance agreement
    5)two external and one internal hard drive
    4)Double sided DVD writer
    5)more memory


    Used: A Norman 2000 and 800 powerpack
    New: a Lowepro largeformat pack, two Fuji readyload holders and two Calumet C2N 6x9 roll film holders.

    This was one of those years to just bite tthe bullet and go for it.

    at age 67
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    a survey

    New: Manfrotto 3030 pan/tilt head

    Used: 210mm Sinaron, 150mm G Claron, Tominon 75mm lens for the shutter, Tominon 105mm lens for the shutter, 8 film holders (4X5), Sekonic light meter. total $350 + shipping.

    Plans: for 4X5 field camera $15 - I will be joining Calamity Jane at the wood store any day now.

    Film - 200 sheets of short dated Provia 100F

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    a survey

    1. $1000 film, paper, chems. When all the film co.s were going broke I loaded my chest freezer with my lifetime supply so this isn't a normal year.

    2. Classic lenses, cameras, tripods, display antiques, film holders, ephemera, plain old junk, $7500 maybe? Is the IRS monitoring this?

    3. I don't keep good records.
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    a survey

    New: tripod for all formats to 5x4 (carbon fibre - around $300 and only my second tripod in three decades of photography!) About my only new purchase in maybe 25 years.

    Used: 5x4 wood field camera, two lenses, 6x9 roll film back, film holders, darkcloth, tank, some filters. Call it $1750. Saunders 20x16 4-blade easel for $175 (not LF specific). Second spotmeter (again, not LF specific) $150.

    This was an exceptional year. Normally the expenditure is on film, paper, and shoe-leather.

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    a survey


    58mm Super Angulon XL

    110mm Super Symmar XL

    2 ea. 8x10 Toyo Film Holders

    1548 Gitzo Tripod with Gitzo Fluid Head

    Jobo 3000 series tank

    Jobo Vacuum Pump for 3000 series tank

    Linhof Techno Rollex Back

    Linhof Technika 45 lens board


    Linhof Technika 70 with 53mm Biogon, 80mm Planar and 180mm Sonnar

    Linhof Technika Press 23 with 53mm Biogon, 100mm Planar and 180mm Sonnar

    Linhof Technika-Flex attachment with 270mm Objectives

    Linhof Super Rollex 6x9 back for 6x9 camera

    Linhof Kardan 8x10 camera with 5x7 and 4x5 reducing backs; hard case; compendium shade

    Linhof Right hand Anatomical Grip

    Linhof Select 53mm Biogon Press Mount

    Linhof Select 100mm Planar

    Linhof Select 150mm Tessar

    Linhof Select 45mm Biogon

    Linhof 95mm Red filter

    4x5 Reversible Back Graflex (1902) with unknown lens

    5x7 Press Graflex with 13" Cooke

    5x7 Home Portrait Graflex with 13" Kodak Aerostigmat

    4x5 Anniversary Speed Graphic with 127mm Ektar (black war version)

    5x7 Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic with 190mm Kodak Anastigmat barrel

    7 1/2" Kodak Anasigmat with Ilex shutter

    2 each 8" Dallmeyer Pentac f/2.9

    210mm Super Symmar HM

    6 each Graflex style 5x7 holders

    10x10 Super Chromega II "F" Enlarger with 240mm Componon Lens

    20x24 Sanders Easel


    $31,000 Approximate

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