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Thread: Scanview 5000 drum scanner

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    Re: Scanview 5000 drum scanner

    Quote Originally Posted by ulrik View Post
    I run my Scanmate 5000 with the Ratoc SCSI to firewire adapter on an intel mac. You need to downgrade the firmware on the ratoc to make it work.
    Another benefit to this setup is the ability to turn the scanner on and off without having to reboot the computer.
    If we could just make those gretag monitor profiles work ...

    Hi Ulrik, tried to run ColorQuartett 5.3.1 on an I7 with MAC OSX 10.6 with no succes- what Intel proc. and MAC OS X version are you on?

    many thanks,

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    Re: Scanview 5000 drum scanner

    ... to all the 5000-people, I just started a new thread with a couple of questions regarding the Scanmate4000. See here:


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