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Thread: Dagor77 wasted my 20 seconds

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    Dagor77 wasted my 20 seconds

    Yes, it's true. Dagor77 has finally wasted my time. Ok, only 20 seconds of it. At least he admits it up front and personal. But I really expected more from this young haggis eater.

    I bought a Graphic Vulcanoid case from him a few years ago. A fair price was paid and we had a Guinness at a Hollywood pub. One of these days I'm going to get a GG from him for less than $10. Where does he get all of that glass??

    Andrew, you got me this time. I'll be more careful.

    Sure I will. Hah! We all follow his postings like lemmings over the cliff.

    Keep up the excellent writing. None better.

    Cheers! ~)


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    Dagor77 wasted my 20 seconds

    If you win the auction, do you get the lens? It would seem no because it was a self-styled waste of time, but it would seem yest because of the shipping charge and where he says if you "win this lens."

    I'm curious as I want the lens!!! I've been trying to email him, but my mail server is down at the moment.

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    Dagor77 wasted my 20 seconds

    Oh S-hit!!!!!!!!, I just emailed Dagor77 today myself asking where my lens is! This could be a more wide spread problem than I thought. Let me know what you hear, thanks Curt

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    Dagor77 wasted my 20 seconds

    Hahauh! I once got the better of DAGOR77 -- a free lens! I purchased from him (on ebay, at a satisfactory price for both of us) a Dr. Staeble casket set which he advertised as having focal lengths of 105, 135, 165, and 195mm by interchanging the four different front elements in a beautiful little Compound shutter. What he failed to notice was that if used alone, the rear element gave a focal length of 220mm. (Of course the maximum speed at this FL is f:22, and the focus shift is horrendious.) So that's how I got a free lens from him, giving us both a good story and laugh! (Thanks, Andrew!)
    Wilhelm (Sarasota)

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