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Thread: Does the 72mm Super-Angulon XL need a center filter?

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    Re: Does the 72mm Super-Angulon XL need a center filter?

    Thanks Bob. Wow. That is very pronounced. Time to look for a filter. When I get one, I'll try to post one slide with, and one slide without to help other folks in the future.

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    Re: looking for schneider center filter 4b

    Quote Originally Posted by Deval View Post
    Would you mind sharing some examples
    Currently o/s, but will look when I get home.

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    Re: Does the 72mm Super-Angulon XL need a center filter?

    I've used my 72XL with 617 mostly. I would say the quickest way to fix the problem without spending a ton of money is shoot two frames and blend them. Obviously this is a limited option sometimes. But if you already have the 72XL this might be a good way to test.

    I shot some frames on Velvia 50 this weekend, so we'll see how they turn out. I shot some with Provia 100F though a few months ago. Here is one example:

    It's really not that bad. B&W was not an issue. This was the worst of it, with bright sunlit areas in the center of the frame getting accented by the falloff:

    If you want to see more from this series go HERE.

    That being said, I do still want the CF. Just for ease of use and it definitely is noticeable sometimes.
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