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Thread: 24" Canvas Printing Machine

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    24" Canvas Printing Machine

    I want to start offering in house canvas printing at the moment I give out all the work. I am willing to spend $3,000.00 to $4,000.00. The largest I would offer in house is 24Ē wide. I have read past posts, but still I am confused. Most of my customers order from online web sites. I want to match quality not production time. I also have read in the postís about some machines cost more on the inks.

    Also is there a place I can compare machines


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    Re: 24" Canvas Printing Machine

    Hi Yidel , Any of the Epson stylus range would do the trick ,I have used the 7880 and the 9900 for canvas , I would think max 24" would be a bit narrow by the time it is stretched over the frame because you lose about 3" or so , I would have thought you could acquire a used 44" in your budget .Regards Gary

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