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Thread: LF Studio Flashbulbs last night: Selfish images

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    Re: LF Studio Flashbulbs last night: Selfish images

    Randy, I strongly advise you to use one class of flashbulbs for everything. I use the so-called midget bulbs - - the Sylvania Press 25's and GE 5's. These are very easy to find. On evil-bay. You'll get confused with all the different bulbs guide numbers. KISS rule applies. Good luck.
    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    Good advice. I understand Press photographers always used a flashbulb, inside, outside, daylight and not.

    I am old now, but never used flashbulbs or strobe when younger. GN usage took me a while and to complicate matters I have a large quantity of M2 and M3 which are unmarked and mixed up. They differ by 2 stops I believe.

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    Re: LF Studio Flashbulbs last night: Selfish images

    Randy... are you still using a LawrenceWalsh FlashRule ?

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    Re: LF Studio Flashbulbs last night: Selfish images

    Yes I use the Laurance Flash Rule.

    I was gifted many odd large bulbs. I also bought small bulb lots, closed case lots are best. I am working my way through about 3000 various bulbs.

    No hurry.

    I find them fascinating.

    Basicly, I am giving myself the late 50's to 60's photo education I never got when it would have been most useful...

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