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And many thanks for the appropriate action!
I'm not a moderators moderate too much guy. I think they do a wonderful job. I respectfully disagree with this decision and would ask that it be reconsidered however. There are thousands of threads on our wonderful forum, if we added ULF image threads of nudes, landscapes, still life's, those few extra threads suddenly make the situation impossible and a form of insanity? We have a portrait thread for January, February,March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December EVERY YEAR, but one for ULF suddenly makes the site too hard to navigate? That is illogical. So as it stands now I can start a thread about the minutia of grain structure on my Ebony 20 x 24 but I can't post pictures with it and discuss the exponentially difficultness of depth of field so that someone interested in jumping into this field can easily find the nuisances of moving up in format outside of what trays to buy. There are many aspects to ULF work production some of which are gear oriented, many of which are not. A sub forum should be all inclusive and not so narrow in scope that others can't go to examples that are indicative of the formats they are drawn to. Over 600 views in a few short days of the ULF PORTRAIT thread says plenty of folks found it interesting enough to explore. That speaks volumes to me about its validity