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Thread: Sonora Pass Open

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    Sonora Pass Open

    It looks like Sonora Pass is open and the park reports that 120 from 395 to Tioga Pass is clear of snow but 120 remains closed to Crane Flat but plowing began last week and the road will probably be opened soon. According to the last post by the Tuolumne Meadows winter rangers the snow in their area has melted and only exits in spots above the 9500 foot level. Might be a good time to visit the eastern side of the park.


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    Re: Sonora Pass Open

    That could change anytime. More storms due this wk. And things can get icy. Always check right before traveling over the passes. Will be mushy up there anyway.
    Now does someone have an accurate mosquito forecast? That's what we really need. But this year they'll probably be all gone at least a month earlier too.

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