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Thread: Store and Galleries in Denver

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    I'll be visiting the Denver area and am looking for:

    1) Stores that sell used camera equip
    2) Galleries that display large format photos

    Any recommendations?


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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    As for galleries there are probably many but for color lnascape there is John Feilder's at the Cherry Creek Mall.

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    John Fieldler's place is in a small retail establishment and that is all you are going to see there.

    Camera Obscura Gallery at 1309 Bannock (303) 623 4059 is the place you want to go to see photographs. It is located just SE of downtown Denver behind City Hall that is across from the State Capital building. Hal Gould is the long time proprietor and he has an excellent reputation for displaying only quality photography in his shop. You will have to go to the Mall to see Fielders work if that is of interest to you.

    Not many places anymore carry much LF equipment on hand, but you can try Camera Traders on W. Hampden Avenue. Wasatch Photographic on Federal Avenue, Mike's Camera in Boulder and Denver Pro Photo on Cherokee.

    I would recommend going to Map Quest and getting the phone number and call ahead as well as getting their geographic proximity. Make it easier to get around.


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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    Ditto on Michael's response... I'll just add that Mike's Camera in Boulder has a VERY small selection of LF gear. We're talkin' 1 or 2 cameras and a few lenses - not worth a special trip to Boulder, IMHO. Call ahead to see what they might have. And Werner's Camera in Denver on California St. between 16th and 17th (downtown) usually has an interesting assortment of LF stuff (though its been a while since I've been there).

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    The Camera Obscura gallery is a must! Hal Gould is an authority on 19th & 20th century fine art photography-------a well respected figure in Denver, the Rocky Mountain area & displays not only notables but also shows some of his work as well. I have purchased some pieces from his gallery over the years. He is an inspiration to all of us here in this local.

    Werner's, Camera Traders, Denver Pro are the only shops in Denver area. Wasatch has pulled out.
    There are fine art galleries here & there in the Denver area. Roach Photo Gallery Lab is a historic gallery, worthy of note. Reed Photo Lab on Santa Fe is now displaying fine art. Eric Paddock (Director) at the Colo State Historical Society has one of the finest collections west of the Mississippi. The Denver Museum of Art has a very fine historical collection as well.

    If you get to Vail/Beaver Creek, a new gallery has opened in Avon for photography ----imagery done by local photographers, I amongst others, and Aspen has a gallery.

    Raymond A.Bleesz


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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    Good suggestions so far. I agree that the Camera Obscura is a great place. I need to get over there myself one of these days. Been a while. Reed Photo Imaging has a great space on Santa Fe like mentioned above. I think you just missed a great David Muench show down there, sorry. If you check them out, head 4 blocks up the street to Qube Visual (I work there). Through the end of February we have a show up featuring a good number of large format nature photographs.

    As far as the local shops, Wasatch and Werners are both out of business I'm afraid, Werners just last summer. For used stuff, the Camera Trader and Camren Rentals are your best bets I suppose. Good luck!

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    Camera Trader is my favorite, but I suppose we ought to add Englewood Camera, Technika Camera, and S+S Optika, all on south Broadway, and Southeast in Cherry Creek. Of the three on Broadway, Englewood has the most gear, Technika is a repair place which sometimes has some LF, and S+S Optika is a telescope shop/darkroom that often has some nice photograpic stuff. There is nothing that compares to Camera Obscura as a gallery but there is a photographic co-op in Cherry Creek just up the street from Southeast. Have fun!

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    For galleries, also check out Photographers' Gallery and Gallery M in the Cherry Creek area, the Colorado Photographic Art Center and Gallery Sink in the Highlands area. They may not have only large format work, but they all have good photographic work.

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    Jay-thank you for mentioning The Colorado Photographic Arts Center & Gallery Sink. I failed to do so on my 1st posting.

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    Store and Galleries in Denver

    Gallery Sink is the place for serious contemporary work.
    Mark Sink has also been heavily involved with the collection at the Denver Art Museum.
    Also worth checking out the Colorado Historical Society to see if they're exhibiting anything interesting. Eric Paddock is the currator and an old teacher of mine. He's put together a huge collection of amazing 19th century prints, including O'Sullivan, Jackson, Watkins, etc.. Definitely worth a trip if there's a chance of seeing them.

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