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Thread: Spotmeter

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    Re: Spotmeter

    Quote Originally Posted by dksea View Post
    Plus one for Quality Light Metric. Did a great job bring up to snuff on a Sekonic 508 I acquired on ebay.
    George Milton at Quality Light Metric did a wonderful job rewiring my Weston Ranger9 for modern batteries and calibrating it. You won't go wrong using QLM.

    That said, Richard Ritter repaired and calibrated 2 Pentax Spotmeter V for me. Excellent quality, service and at a reasonable price. I figured his connection with Zone VI Studios made him the obvious choice for a Pentax meter.

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    Re: Spotmeter

    Recently I bought a second hand Pentax Spotmeter, and it gave me problems in the regions of 1,5 fstops.
    Our Pentax specialist asked for the batteries, and what a surprise, they were wrong.


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