Hi there!
This is my first post - and it's going to be off-topic :-). But unfortunately you guys seem to have the best knowledge about professional flatbed-scanners. I'm looking for a scanner that replaces my Epson V-700 and my Imacon Precision in terms of quality and speed. I have the chance to buy an Screen Cezanne and wonder if this model does as good with 35mm and MF up to 6x7 as the Imacon does in terms of sharpness. I'm also worried about productivity: How many 35mm strips can I put onto the scanner while using its highest possible resolution? I'm scanning mainly B&W and colorings (no slides!), so I'm interested in color-reproduction of the classic Kodak-Portra-Palette, too. Any sample scans of Portra would be great!
Thanks for your input!