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Thread: B&J Grover re-furbishing

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    B&J Grover re-furbishing

    I am in process of re-furbishing an 8X10 B&J Grover. When taking the camera apart, I was able to remove the bellows without damaging it. The bellows was glued to the front & rear standards; but I wish to avoid doing the same when re-attaching the bellows. Any recommendations for attaching without glue?

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    B&J Grover re-furbishing


    I re-did the bellows on my Empire State 5 x 7 a few years ago. The old bellows exterior skin was shot, but the interior black cloth was fine. I replaced the exterior with a very thin PVC fabric material I found at Hancock Fabrics that looks like imitation leather. The existing bellows had a 1/4" wood frame inside it at both the front and back ends. The belows was tacked to the frame with very tiny tacks that I re-used and the frame was screwed to the front and rear standards. If your bellows doesn't have a frame, you might consider building one and using screws.

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