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Thread: Technical Critique requested

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    Re: Technical Critique requested

    Quote Originally Posted by Regular Rod View Post
    Using tray(s) it is very unusual to get uneven development...

    He used a hanger in a dip tank...

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    Re: Technical Critique requested

    Quote Originally Posted by doogie View Post
    I do believe that the development was a bit uneven. I'm still attempting to figure out how it happened. I processed this photograph on film hangers in a dip tank at the school lab by hand. My agitations were x1 for 10-15 seconds once every 30 seconds as per the directions given. I'm thinking that I should have rapped the film hangers at the end of each agitation.
    Infrequent agitation is all right, but there has to be a source of fresh developer. If the hangers are too close together and/or the overall volume of developer is low, there won't be adequate fresh developer reaching the film and/or it will not be uniformly distributed. The same will be true of stop bath, fixer, etc.

    The tank needs to be larger and/or the hangers need to be further apart and/or agitation needs to be more frequent.

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