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Sorry for the late response Shannon, but Congratulations.

I used to enter the odd photo contest, and won a couple but more often than not my work was skipped over by the judges altogether.

What I discovered is that some people studied the judges, and based their photographs entirely on what they knew the judges liked.
I tried the same thing, and that's when I would win.

Thanks for your reply.I agree i dont change my photos for anyone and stay true to my style.not just for shows but for anyone.lots have said to me,:hey you should shoot this or you should shoot that" i get a little offended some times when folks say that.Unless its for a commercial client of course but even on assignment i still sneak in my style that's why they hire me after all.

However it wasn't my cup of tea, so I went back to producing photos the way I wanted. I don't care if it ever wins any contest, what I do care about is having fun producing my artwork and pleasing those who wish to display it in their homes and offices.