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Thread: film prices

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    film prices

    While searching around the internet for film prices to order some Fuji Velvia, I came across something very interesting. I normally have ordered film from the larger companies like B&H , Adorama, and Sammy's. I came across a company called East Coast Photo ( and was amazed at their prices for Fuji Velvia. I was looking for a 50 sheet box of Velvia RVP 100 F and expected everyone to cost about the same. Here's a sample of what I found.

    B&H - $111.19
    Adorama - 109.95
    Sammy's - 100 F not even listed

    East Coast Photo - $87.25

    What's more - if your order of Fuji film is more than $100, the shipping is free.

    From their website, they seem to be more into Digital, 35 MM equipment and such, but they also do have large format film.

    Has anyone else ever done business with East Coast Photo and what were your experiences?

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    film prices

    Sometimes on feed back sites retailers will "salt the mine" so to speak.

    Seems like a lot of un-happy people though for so many to be blissfully happy.

    No experience myself however as I stick with B&H, Adorama and Calumet.

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    film prices

    Hi Dan,

    From my experience in the past with similar types of dealers, I recommend that you try to avoid the many "bait and switch" outfits that are located in the N.Y. city area. Although I have never dealt with them, East Coast Photo is located in Brooklyn. That immediately sets off my alarm bell.

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    film prices

    I've never dealt with East Coast Photo, either, but I understand there's a section of Brooklyn that is spelled with a C. ;-)

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    film prices

    Badger Graphic has it for $99.95 and FreeStyle has it for $96.39 and we know both of those are good guys...


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    film prices

    You hit paydirt Dean.

    As you stated, both Badger and Freestyle have been around and have over a long term of performance earned the well deserved support of the large format community.

    And you can take that to the bank.


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    film prices

    I quit dealing with B&H and Adorama when I found Badger Graphic. Badger has, I think, better prices and service, and more knowledgeable people. They are a pleasure to deal with on a whole range of things. They've earned my loyalty -- and how many businesses can you say that about?

    Bruce Watson

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    film prices

    Think yourselves very lucky. A 50 sheet box of 100 Velvia here in London costs 85.70, or roughly $164 US (at the moment!)

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