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Thread: Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    (Don't mind me, I am just grumbling!)

    Central Canada is a great place for taking pictures - endless miles of rolling prairie, trackless forests, natural vistas unlike anything seen in many parts of the country. It is wonderful!

    B U T . . . .

    It is a virtual wasteland for LF supplies!

    There is only one supplier who carries sheet film and they are usually out of stock of whatever you happen to be looking for that day! :-(

    Let's have a rollcall of Canadian online LF suppliers (for everyone to add to their book marks)

    Also, does anybody know what restrictions apply to shipping chemicals (both B&W and colour) across the border via USPS, couriers, etc?

    Thanks gang!

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    If you mix your own no reason to import chemicals. Foto-chem tends to have lower prices then the US sources and shipping from Montreal should be quicker then any US source.

    They also have some kits etc for RA-4,C-41 and smaller ones for E-6. I've only used the RA-4 one.

    Do you mean stocking dealers or just dealers?

    Photo-co will order almost anything you want that they have a distributor for. Shipping is very fair and quick. Not sure what they stock in LF but just ask them.

    Eight Elm street.



    Chemicals can be heavy so you might want to look for local sources for stuff. Mini-lab stuff can be used if you want to spend the time reading the various documents.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    It's actually not that desparate out there. Go to Nick's sites indeed. All very good suppliers - especially fotochem (best place for all chemicals) and Eight Elm (dedicated LFers). Also go to Treckhall for many items you are likely to need. Great prices to boot on many LF-related items.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    I'd also suggest The Camera Store in Calgary - The website is pretty bare (they're in the process of upload inventory), but they do have a selection of LF equipment and supplies.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    Yep Camerastore in Calgary often has various 4x5 as does McBain in Edmonton - but it's more a matter of callign to see what they have in (rarely if ever any 8x10)

    Eight Elm in Toronto is especially good fro B&W and will usually have 8x10 as well

    I've done very well with Technicare over the years - good prices. again - you need to find what 4x5 they have in stock, and they will order anythign they don't (if they can get it) - though since they became part of Carousel I'm not so sure. usually have 4x5 and some 8x10 in stock.

    I had awful service from TrekHall and gave up on them.

    I also order more colour film from B&H in NY than anywhwere else - the stores listed above are so often out of stcok of 4x5 and especially 8x10 . As well, ordering from J&C's range of mitteleuropa films

    As for chemicals - even in Canada most liquid chems are supposed to go by truck/surface mail I think. I've had no problem with powdered chems and most of the above stores stock or can order them. FotoChem is definately good for mix you own and pre-packed stuff.
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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    For 'raw' chemistry I've had excellent service from Artcraft in NY but do tend to buy most of my 'essential' chemicals locally from Nymoc in Toronto.


    Nymoc: 416-465-1929

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    I live in Burlington, ON and shoot 8x10 tmax 400. Joan at Burlington Camera has been great about getting the film in for me on short notice, and only 1 box at a time.They also stock the chemicals and FB papers I use. I do tend to use what I would consider very standard products and rarely need supplies from manufactors other than Kodak/Ilford.
    When I bought new Fuji lenses this year I ordered in from Jim at Midwest, and I bought the camera from a person in Halifax off ebay.
    I don't know of any stores that are really stocking dealers for cameras or new lenses.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    In Montréal, PhotoService always have a fair supply of 4x5 and 8x10 film in stock (FP4+, HP5+, Delta 100, TMX, Tri-X and various Polaroid in 4x5; HP5+, TMX and Polaroid 809 in 8x10; they also have some slide film, but apart from Velvia 4x5 and some Kodak I'm not sure which ones). They can special order a number of things, including Maco IR film!

    Prices are very cheap and service is good; they'll even accept mail orders, but their web site isn't set up for transactions. It doesn't even tell of all the goodies you can find in store or through special. You have to call and to inquire, which is a shame because they're really good.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    I can't help much but that has never stopped my from posting a reply. I shoot almost exclusively colour and picked up about 5 years worth of short dated film on eBay and it is currently sitting in my freezer. I take out 25 sheets at a time and store that in the fridge until its done. It looks like I am going to be a Provia 100F man for a good long time.

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    Great for photo-ops/lousy for supplies!

    I guess I'd better contibute a link to me local supplier Don's warehouse store in Winnipeg doesn't always have stock but they will order in just about anything and they're nice people to deal with (even though they normally seem short-staffed).

    This has turned into a nice list of Canadian resources!

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