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Thread: January 2015 Portraits

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    Re: January 2015 Portraits

    This one was shot at the begining of January, so I'm posting it here yet:

    Shot with Seneca Improved 6½ × 8½” (Whole Plate) camera and Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 300mm ƒ:5.6 on 6½ × 8½” sheet of Ilford HP5+, developed in Rodinal (R09). Cropped for presentation (and published as such with her permission), full image is not intended for all eyes...
    Jiri Vasina

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    Re: January 2015 Portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by SergeiR View Post
    Its same deal as with lighting orange. Dips and wrinkles are accentuated if you do not fill shadows. First rule of thumb when shooting for texture - use side lighting, and then if you want to destroy texture - front lighting. All goes from there Generally speaking - females never look to have their skin texture to be accentuated
    Interesting, thanks for this. I have much to learn about lighting myself. I want to get into portraits.

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    Re: January 2015 Portraits

    Took this picture of my dad to test out the newly acquired Deardorff and the Schneider 360mm F6.8 Symmar-S combo. This was taken with the 4x5 reducing back on Portra 400 since I didn't have any 8x10 film until today. It was 17 degrees F and my dad insisted to open up the jacket for the photo - he thinks he is a real model haha.

    - Pali

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