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Thread: Peter Lik deserves our skepticism

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Peter Lik deserves our skepticism

    Greg - this guy is a career bullshitter, and so are his slick sales people. He says he sells such and such per month, and for so much money. Even with multiple
    retail outlets, I'd be shocked if he ever sold a dozen prints a day. I've had the misfortune of walking past his Vegas gallery twice of days for several days on end
    and never saw a single customer in there, nor did I ever see a single customer in his primary gallery in Lahaina, even with cruise ships in dock, which I've been told by his neighbors are his primarily clientele. All he needs is one or two real suckers a week to pay asking full price and it's a pretty handsome payday. And
    if somebody does bag the kinds of top end prices in question, why is it his own press release in the first place, buffered by lawyers? The whole thing stinks. Even
    if this dude's images were vaguely appealing to me, the sheer lack of ethics would leave me nauseated. I've gamed his salesmen. They're real pros and probably
    well compensated. I'll give them credit for that. But what exactly is it they are selling? Largely BS themselves. That's what they're paid to do. Just a Kincaid clone.

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    Re: Peter Lik deserves our skepticism

    This thread has reached a degree of... ripeness... to which all threads aspire.

    Thread closed.

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