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hi Richard. No, it will not be any part of the Camino de Santiago: my route will be surrounding the Tablas de Daimiel national park, 180 km south Madrid. In April, the weather there should be mild and have very good light.
Ah, La Mancha. The Tablas de Daimiel is great for birds. Try to travel light. If you are arriving and departing from the same train station - Maybe Daimiel - you might want to pack a second bag with your clothes for the last evening and the trip home and leave it in a locker at the train station so that you can keep your walking load a little lighter. If you have a list of specific locations you would like to see and photograph try to lay them out so you can see 2 per day. Use the other time for your portraits and "chatting up" the locals and tourists that you meet along the way. And for the unexpected shots. I don't know what you have in your kit but a polarizing filter will be useful around the wetlands there.
Best of luck with your planning and with your trip.