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Thread: I'm a lens designer

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    Re: I'm a lens designer

    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Kellogg View Post
    What's wrong with the Silvestri tilting loupe? Part way down on this page:

    I just picked one of these up on here and I think they're still being produced. Not cheap, but of good quality. I have yet to try it to find out if I prefer the Silvestri over my Rodenstock 4x. I do need some sort of rubber to stick to the bottom of it to keep it from scratching my ground glass.

    I used to use one of those long tube-like loupes but grew to hate it, because I couldn't see much of the ground glass with it.
    They are back ordered at B&H. I put in a notification of availability request.

    Looks great to me!

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    Re: I'm a lens designer

    Glad I could help! It's amazing how little things matter so much. I didn't know how bad my loupe was until a couple of professional large format shooters told me it was terrible.

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