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Thread: Technical Book suggestion

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Stroebel's book is probably the next best book to buy, though it is not comprehensive. It goes into greater depth than Adams' books on the details of the chemical aspects of photography, but not into as much detail on the subject of optics. It is written at a lower level than the Adams' texts, but makes a good attempt at bringing the physics and chemistry of photography to the reader in a more palatable form (assuming you don't like formulas).

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    Technical Book suggestion

    A favorite of mine is "Photographic Science" by Earl N. Mitchell. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-09046-8

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    Technical Book suggestion

    As others have said: Basic Photographic Materials and Processes.

    Second: I highly recomend: Post Exposure by Ctien

    Third: Image Clarity by Williams.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    One book I think every serious photographer should have is John Schaefer's re-write of Ansel Adams' guides. Schaefer was a chemistry professor at the University of Arizona who became president of the UA, got seriously involved in large format photography, worked with Adams to establish the Center for Creative Photography, and thoroughly updated the three volume set into one, then followed with a separate new guide. Oh, by the way, he re-worked the books because Adams told him to. All in all, that pedigree alone makes it worth having...

    ...and it's well-done and a great informational resource.
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Since you mention optics, you may be interested in reading Rudolf Kingslake's _History of the Photographic Lens_. Some might find it dull, but I thought it was fascinating.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Anything by Ctein.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Agree on the Mees & James books. They were college texts and have both deep and broad coverage. Also, find a used copy of the Focal Encyc. of Photography. Not the newer revised edition, but the old three inch thick yellow one with blue printing on the dust jacket. It's a wealth of info. Some of the good stuff was eliminated when it was updated a few years ago.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the great suggestions...
    I have a copy of the latest edition of "Basic Photographic Materials and Processes" coming my way as we speak...

    As for the rest of this great list, I Think i'll make a list and put it up in a new "book suggestions" section on my website...



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    Technical Book suggestion

    the book we used in college was "The Manual of Photography" by Ralph Jacobson published by focal press. It covers all aspects of photo science from optics, sensitometry and chemistry.
    Should be in about its tenth edition by now.

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