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Thread: Technical Book suggestion

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    Technical Book suggestion


    I'd like to have you advice on a book about the scientific and technical aspects of the photographic process :

    Chemistry of image formation...
    Developpment chemicals...

    Can be the driest book you've ever read, as long as it contains all the information...
    And I've got the basics of photography covered with Ansel's Camera, Negative and Print, so i'd like something a little more advanced...
    Any online ressource would be welcome also, but i'm really looking for a book...


    PJ VH

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Hi Jan,

    "The Film Developing Cookbook", by S.Anchell and B.Troop, is a good place to begin. It contains references to many other books, journals, and articles on the subject of the photographic process. It is a relatively small book, and it is easy to read. It does not have much info on optics, however.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Hi Jan

    The book of pyro- gordon hutchings
    The film deveoping cookbook- Stephen Anchell Bill Troop
    the darkroom cook book - stephen anchell
    creative elements - eddie ephraums
    zone V1 news letters -three binders- fred picker
    The compact photo lab index-ernest pittard
    the focal encyclopedia of photography
    post exposure -ctein
    The permanence and care of colour photographs - Wilhelm
    Tim Rudmans books x3

    Phil Davis also has published very good technical manuals

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    Technical Book suggestion

    "The permanence and care of colour photographs - Wilhelm "

    And that's free online as a giant PDF
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    Technical Book suggestion


    I already had my sights on the Anchell and Troop Cookbook, so i guess that this is where i'm going to start...

    I'll comb through Amazon for your other suggestions, bob...

    Any others ?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in understanding what he does when he sploches his films and prints in strange smelly liquids ?



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    Technical Book suggestion

    Photographic Materials and Processes by Leslie Stroebel and coll. Mine is from Focal Press 1986 there could be a newer edition. 585 pages.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    try this one: _Photographic Materials and Processes_ by Leslie Stroebel, John Compton, Ira Current and Richard Zakia. Focal Press, ISBN 0-240-51752-0.

    I used this as a textbook in college and can guarantee you it's a dry technical read, but it's all in there. Stroebel's "View Camera Technique" is another good one, along with his book on Visual Perception in photography.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Two complementary volumes:

    Photographic Materials and Processes

    Leslie Stroebel, John Compton, Ira Current, Richard Zakia

    Focal Press, 1986

    Applied Photographic Optics

    Sidney Ray

    Focal Press, 1988

    These are the editions I have - you should check whether revised editions have since been released. Certainly for the materials and processes book, if a revised edition hasn't been released by now I doubt there will ever be one.

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    Technical Book suggestion

    Grant Haist, _Modern Photographic Processing_ (unfortunately out of print, and used copies are costly, but you can find it in libraries or through interlibrary loan).

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    Technical Book suggestion

    This book covers (among other 'very dry' questions ;-) the difficult aspects of image noise in silver halide plates & films.

    Mees, C.E.K, and James, T.H., __The Theory of the Photographic Process__ (Mc Millan)

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