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Thread: New Uppsala, SWE

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    Re: New Uppsala, SWE

    Quote Originally Posted by Struan Gray View Post
    Hej Andreas, and welcome to the forum

    There are a few other Nordic members here. I'm from the U.K. originally, but based in Lund. Drop by for 'fika' and idle chat if you do come down this way.

    Struan, I have been to Lund several times. Before emigrating to America, my ancestors lived in the villages surrounding Lund. One village in particular is Östra Torn, where my family lived for hundreds of years. Other villages were Värpinge and Stora Råby. Small World isn't it?

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    Re: New Uppsala, SWE

    Small world indeed.

    Lund is expanding inexorably over the surrounding farmland. Värpinge is protected to some extent, but Östra Torn is now wholly within the built-up area of the town. The space between the current edge of development and Stora Råby is the next planned big infill area. I don't see change as inevitably bad, but several of my photographic projects which started as simple documentation of the structure of the countryside, now appear overwhelmingly nostalgic because the areas they were taken in are now built upon, or turned into parks.

    Most of the non-Scottish photographs on my website were taken on walks pushing my sleeping kids around the southwest boundary of the town, including looping through Värpinge almost every day.


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