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Thread: Hello form london

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    Hello form london

    Hi everyone, just wanna say big hello to everyone today i am here for the first time, i hope i will enjoy time with u guys. ))))

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    Re: Hello form london

    welcome aboard!

    this forum is an absolute treasure trove of photographic knowledge..and a peopled with tremendously friendly, helpful, patient and knowledgeable (eh, even me to a small degree).

    i am constantly inspired and motivated by the excellent images members share here. i have had my first exposure (no pun intended, really) to many new techniques and concepts i first encountered on this forum.

    for instance, a few of the many new ideas and techniques i discovered here are making paper paper negatives and experimenting with x-ray film....whooeee!!!

    you might want to share some info about the general area you live in, fave photographic subjects, photographic experience, your photo gear and anything else you would like to share... doesn't need to be the mini-blog (said sheepishly) i posted. after lurking here off and on for about a year i felt comfort
    able enough to give some insights and info - and hopefully did not blather on too much : )

    laugh more, smile more...
    ...i do anytime i go by a mirror.

    the smiling gecko, aka tsg, aka kenneth david, aka "hey you with the old camera"
    the photographer by the sea

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    Re: Hello form london

    Welcome aboard!
    Which format do you shoot?
    Which subjects interest you?
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.
    I'm not OCD. I'm CDO which is alphabetically correct.

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    Re: Hello form london

    Judging by his website, he's quite new to photography, it's a business, and I suspect he shoots with a dslr only...

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    Re: Hello form london

    Hi I have just joined I use a 5x4 film camera, and I do a lot of pinhole photography with my Titan 5x4 camera.

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