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Thread: Texas Hill Country Late Oct. Recommendations?

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    Question Texas Hill Country Late Oct. Recommendations?

    I'm planning on going to the Texas Hill Country later this month to shoot some photos. I have been through the area a few times but would like some off the beaten path photo locations. I take close in, wide angle stuff mostly. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Texas Hill Country Late Oct. Recommendations?

    Lost Maples State Park near Vanderpool was always my favorite spot in the fall. Before moving east we lived in Bandera for 10 years and I never missed a fall in Lost Maples. Getting there look up on the map the Medina River which is Cypress lined and Seco Creek and criss cross them as many times as you can on all the back country roads and there are numerous photos along those limestone bottomed rivers and creeks. Others near by would offer the same but those were my favorites during my time there.

    Of course if you want to swing out near Blanco, the Blanco river and the Guadelupe river are two beautiful rivers. If you have even more time to go a little further and thus get a little more off the beaten path with less people of course then you shouldn't miss Garner State Park.

    Enchanted Rock State Park is beautiful monolithic pink granite and has ample opportunity for beautiful abstracts as well as moon like scapes and should be worked into your travels. Easily hiked and LF friendly.

    The Post Office in Luckenbach, Texas sits on Grape Creek and is beautiful if not a little over populated. Go mid week and you'll have a better experience there in my opinion.

    Those would be my don't misses.

    Hope you have a great trip


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    Re: Texas Hill Country Late Oct. Recommendations?

    Funny you mention Hidden Maples. I was just reading up on that place. I think I may go there. Luckenbach has some good sights but there is always too many people. Last time I went I got there early so it wasn't so bad. Too bad I made some poor decisions on my exposures. Thanks for the advice.

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