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Thread: finally...hello!

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    a little history...worked as a professional photographer off and on for 30 years doing lots of different types of work.

    around the time the digital imaging tide came in i dropped anchor and jumped ship so to speak. i went to land for a new career...over-the-road commercial truck driving for about twelve years (still out here 'til next spring/summer).

    about two years ago I decided to go back to the practice and pursuit of photography. i was primarily interested in returning to portrait photography - my first "photographic love". along the way i discovered a previously unknown fondness and knack for landscape photography...and i am lovvving it.

    last summer i bought an 8x10 seneca city view camera from jim galli, then my first lens from keh and a 375mm lens from ari...and in the process of adding a canham 11x14 ( yikes, still shaking my hollow head)

    my dark room gear has grown (in more ways than one) over the years - hopefully my skills have as we'll. it grew a bit more this year with beseler vx-10xl bought from rich coda.

    this summer i had my first black and white landscape print sales...yippee!!! thanks to a bit of determination and experience and pure dumb luck (my friend) and skills - thanks to a great deal of knowledge other photographers shared with me.

    wife and i are in the early stages of planning to move from texas (the gulf coast) to grant's pass (most likely choice).

    looking forward to being more involved with the forum and brainstorming/learning/sharing with the folks here.

    laugh more, smile more...
    ...i do anytime I go by a mirror.

    the smiling gecko, aka kenneth david, aka "hey you with the old camera"
    the photographer by the sea

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    Re: finally...hello!

    Welcome! Let the adventure begin (continue)!


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    Re: finally...hello!

    Have fun with the 11x14. Nice format.

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    Re: finally...hello!

    I hope the Orbit is serving you well, Kenneth, and good luck in your pursuit of 11x14.

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    Re: finally...hello!


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    Re: finally...hello!


    Welcome to the Large Format Forum.


    PS, enjoy the negative carriers

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