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Thread: Agfa/Ansco 8x10

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    Agfa/Ansco 8x10

    I don't know how many of you out ther have this camera but I just figured out a neat thing about them...

    I had trouble using very short lenses on mine because I could not get my head close enough to the GG for the long drop-down tail of the camera. Mine is the type with a pull-out extension and I never thought about it at all as I had too much in my way already, well, that pull-out pulls all the way out and after mounting a block with a 1/4 - 20 socket between the rails it becomes a great short platform for doing wide angle work! Now I have the best of both worlds and they travel together! I just thought I would pass along the tip.


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    Andy Eads
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    Agfa/Ansco 8x10

    John, Thanks for the tip. I've considered getting an Agfa Ansco because it appears to have good build quality. This info is icing on the cake. It's comments like yours that make this a great forum.

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