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Thread: 11X14 camera build

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    11X14 camera build

    I just finished an 11X14 sliding box camera with lens board and film back tilts and my friend Lenser dropped by yesterday and suggested posting some pictures on this Forum.The camera was an experiment so it's constructed of stuff I had on hand.With the exception of some Fomecore for the boxes and ABS plastic for dark slides on the film holder and a lenticular screen from a projection TV for the ground glass,all told spent less than $50.The down side of this type build is"it ain't pretty",the walnut stain is old and has suffered through several of our Missouri winters and summers in an uninsulated garage. The result is a streaky finish on the white pine it's built from but because of it's size I figured it will become battered from putting it in and out of my car,so didn't refinish it(read lazy!).It started when I found a 21 1/2"lens and new Packard shutter in some stuff I'd stored long ago.I'm having a blast playing around with in camera paper negatives and wanted to try Carbon printing some day,well the lens and shutter find spured on the camera build (what can I say).

    Instead of posting the build here, if you are interested check it out on f295 Forum under"lens based camera making and modifying" then drop down to"on the verge camera build"
    Let me know what you think OK?

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    Re: 11X14 camera build

    Nice work!

    Tim is an asset.


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