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Thread: A large format hopeful!

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    A large format hopeful!

    Hi all.

    I'm completely new to the forum. I have been doing 35 mm photography since I was a child (I'm 29). I learned everything on full manual, all the physics and fundamental principles. My darkroom experience is extremely limited to a few hand-holded sessions more than a decade ago. I have a full on screams amateur page for my digital stuff (I only shoot a few primes, and all full manual on a budget Canon EOS body): .

    In 2006, when I started graduate school, I visited the Museum of Fine Arts for the first time, and my whole paradigm of photography was changed forever. I saw large format prints in person for the first time. The exhibition was Laura McPhee: The River of No Return. Ever since that day, a little tingling, irritating seed was planted that has never died, but never fully germinated.

    In the last year I made the website, and to my PROFOUND surprise, sold a few fine art prints of my work.

    And... now more than ever... The seed is itching again. My fieldwork as a research scientist takes me to some amazing places. I am a fan of the old school, I want to learn the controls of dynamic range with a real, tangible exposure. I want to take a real, large format image and learn to work with it.

    BUT... I know virtually nothing about large format/4 x 5.
    I know nothing about lenses, film, focus, focal lengths, dof, darkroom developing, printing etc. with a large format.

    I hope to learn. Thanks for reading!
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    Re: A large format hopeful!

    Welcome to the forum, Chris.

    Before you buy anything read this It's the forum's Home Page. I also recommend buying the book Using the View Camera by Steve Simmons. Steve's book is very easy to understand for someone new and it's not dry reading. You can pick it up at Amazon.

    Take your time and have fun!

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    Re: A large format hopeful!

    Welcome, Chris. You've come to the right place to learn. Nice images on your website.

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    Re: A large format hopeful!

    Also I would get Adams three books, the Camera, Negative, the Print n read them. A lot of info but well worth the time. All readily available used.

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