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Thread: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

    Quote Originally Posted by Zndrson View Post

    I appreciate the depth of your feedback. Truly. And I enjoy the back and forth this thread has created.

    I suppose the worst that could happen is that the project does not get funded. The beauty of Kickstarter is that if the full amount is not reached, then those that did pledge are not charged and we all live to fight another day. Personally, if the Kickstarter is not funded, it will still be completed, but on a much smaller scale and without the finality of a hard back book.

    If the Kickstarter is funded, I truly believe I will have the means necessary to deliver a great final product. If I fail miserable in my home development, I'll have the film developed elsewhere. This is not a large concern to me because I'll do what is necessary to make sure this is a viable process. I do not take lightly the donations of others, and will absolutely come through with the rewards that I'm offering.

    Ultimately, it comes down to the viewers and if they think my video/story/personality is worth investing in. It remains to be seen if enough people think I can pull this project off. The scale of this project is no accident and was designed to be executable with my experience level in book design and production. There's a reason why I've not taken this further. I'm using this project as a stepping stone and learning experience. Those that do contribute get a piece of what they've contributed to in return. I do not feel I am owed anything. I have no belief that my skill is so great that I deserve the money I'm asking for. Quite the opposite.

    Lastly, I'm having trouble with the "Why you" question. I'm unsure if this is a question that you believe I should answer in the video for the sake of potential backers, or a more literal "Why you". The latter question I do not understand in the least.

    If people did not do work they believed in because there are other people that could do it, then we wouldn't see new work. There's always someone better. No matter where you are in your career there's someone with more experience, better images, and a better head on their shoulders. I refuse to even consider not doing this project simply because there are other photographers out there that have more experience shooting landscapes.

    Perhaps I'm missing the point of the question.
    The "why you" question is essential. Not just for KS but for any grant process or getting a shooting job in a competitive environment. I pursue a new architect client I have to answer that question as I have tons of competition. Why hire me and not the guy you hired last time? The why me question is essential to ANYTHING you do in the arts. Every grant proposal I write or artist residency I try to get requires that I answer that question. You can't assume that your work speaks for itself and in this case you are not showing much work. You are not going to get far in photography without knowing how to answer that question when you are proposing to do something you haven't done yet. Selling an existing print is obvious. They can see it but you are asking people to by into something you haven't produced yet. Tell me why I should have the faith in you that you can pull this off.

    at age 67
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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

    Another key aspect of why you is that very few people are willing to invest in a product that looks like a million other products out there. They want to invest in something unique; that doesn't already exist (and photographing lesser known sights isn't exactly a new concept).. So the why you manifests itself in your unique vision. You need to demonstrate that you have a unique vision and that you can produce a product that doesn't already exist and noone else can create. And you can't just talk about that. Millions of people talk about it but only a few can do it. Showing an already completed product with unique vision is so much more compelling.

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

    But, hey, go make an awesome book. Glean whatever you can from this thread. Use the information how you can. Use it to get motivated, get pissed off, get jazzed. Whatever. But go make an awesome book whether you get funded or not. Go make images that will knock everyone dead. Pretty much all the cool stuff that has ever been created had a mission naysayer s saying it couldn't, or shouldn't, be done. But somebody did it anyway.

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia


    I would like to rescind my comments about your choice of material and process - it's your project, your time, your effort, not mine, and i am happy to support your campaign, and hope others see it this way as well.

    Good luck to you regardless of how you choose to do it, i hope to see the project materialize and the book come to life.

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia


    The suggestion to not use black and white examples, but to use color ones was answered that you did not have any of Georgia, only ones out west. I don't think it matters where you created the samples, the idea is to show how capable you are.

    Since you are in Atlanta, for processing and scanning of your E6 film drop by Dunwoody Photo and talk to Michael Beattie. He does short runs of E6. I just talked to him about 5 days ago so I know this is current information. He scans all my 4x5 B&W negatives with an Epson and does a terrific job.

    Dunwoody Photo
    5588 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
    Dunwoody, Georgia 30338
    (678) 320-0202

    Monday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Tuesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Wednesday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Thursday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Friday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
    Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Sunday Closed

    Now, may I pick a nit? When talking about large format films IMHO, the term to use is not "slides" but "transparencies". This is because slides are transparences that are in a cardboard, plastic, metal or glass mount and destined to be used in a slide projector. Generally 35mm, but sometimes 6x6. (I've done both.) Whereas a large format sheet of processed E6 film is not in any kind of mount, just a protective sleeve of one sort or another. [/end rant]

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

    I'm jealous that my gofundme thread has no discussion but this one is on page 4 already

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    Re: Views of Georgia shot exclusively on 4x5" Velvia

    Thanks to everyone for contributing to the conversation. I'm grateful for the insight, suggestions, and constructive criticism. I've made some changes to the campaign page as a result, with a few more to come most likely.

    This conversation is what I enjoy about this forum, and talking to other large format photographers with more experience than myself.

    I also appreciate those from the forum that chose to contribute to the campaign monetarily. I am humbled and will put forth my best effort to produce a product worthy of your support.

    Thanks again. Off to expose some TRANSPARENCIES

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