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Thread: Hello from Como (Italy)

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    Hi from Como (Italy), my name is Andrea Costamagna and I'm not a photographer. My future goal is design and build a 4x5 camera. I look forward to learn from you about LF. Thanks!
    Andrea Costamagna
    Como (Italy)

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    Re: Hello from Como (Italy)

    welcome aboard!!!

    wow, i don't know where to start...i think it would be helpful to learn the basics of photography with your ambition to build a camera.

    there are so many approaches to learning the basics of photography...there have have been practically innumerable books written on the subject. community colleges and camera clubs and photography stores are valuable resources as well.

    i believe there are a number of members here that could provide their suggestions and support to pursue your plans.

    in bocca al lupo!

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    Re: Hello from Como (Italy)

    Hi Andrea,

    You will find the (most, not me) people here very technically competent, and a great group of very nice people. Good luck with your project.

    Warm Regards

    Principal Unix System Engineer, Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems (retired)

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