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Thread: Who did you meet?

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    Who did you meet?

    Tuesday after work I was using my Super Graphic to teach my landlord's brother how to use a view camera. A fellow in a car went past, stopped, then backed up. The driver asked, "Who owns the press camera?" Turns out it was Jerry Gay, a distinguished former Seattle Times photographer. We chatted a bit, and he gave me his booklet, "Our Road to Peace," featuring photographs of children of Roslyn, WA.

    Jerry and his Speed Graphic, back in the day:

    (He told me they used the Speed for when they needed a large color shot.)
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    Re: Who did you meet?

    Cool....I keep waiting for Salma Hayek to stop and chat when I'm out...
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    Re: Who did you meet?

    Out with my 8x10, I thought "Who is that ugly guy staring into my lens?" Oops, it's my reflection on the gg.

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