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Thread: needed..movements/dof/focus shift (?)..(pics attached)..

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    Joel Edmondson
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    Re: needed..movements/dof/focus shift (?)..(pics attached)..

    FWIW... for me the "best practice" has always been to set up and level everything, measure the difference between the near and far focus (I have a mm scale attached to the camera bed) and set the camera to the mid-point. For a 0.1mm cn if the "spread" is 1.6mm, f8; 2.2mm = f11; 3.2mm = f16; 4.2mm = f22; 5.8mm = f32; 7.2mm = f45; 6.7mm = f64. If the results "fit" the focus spread, no tilt should be required - otherwise apply tilt and measure again! (If I recall correctly the first exposure I had to this approach was an article by H. Merklinger.) As noted by previous posts, for landscapes a little tilt/swing goes a long way... tabletop and studio photography are different and may tax the movements on a great many field cameras.


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    Re: needed..movements/dof/focus shift (?)..(pics attached)..

    ..hi all..

    ..thx a lot for the hints, replies and advice..

    ..after being able to check out that the cameras are absolutely fine it boils down to missing some knowledge that is needed.. i opened another thread..

    ..thx a lot for showing us the directions to go..
    ..cheers, erik..

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