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Thread: Pyrocat film testing question

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    Pyrocat film testing question

    I am testing several films with pyrocat hd. The pictures will be scanned for inkjet output. (carbon pigment inks). When reading the film tests with a densitometer, should I use the visual results or the blue channel? I know with silver printing you would use the blue, but I'm not sure with scanning.

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    Pyrocat film testing question

    The scanner will see stain in much the same way that silver graded papers see it, i.e. as extra density, so I recommend using the blue channel reading, especially if you might also plan to print at some point with silver gelatin.

    However, since there is considerable opportunity for manipulating contrast in both the scanning stage and in final image preparation in Photoshop it probably does not make much difference in practice whether you use Visual or Blue channel, assuming that you will scan the negative for inkjet output. The main key for this type of work is to expose for good shadow detail and don't develop for too much contrast, say no more than a CI of about .55 - .65.
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