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Thread: Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo

    " finding evidence of large format at the NY show was like finding a needle in a haystack"

    Well we had 9' of showcase with Linhof and Wista in it out of 40 linear feet of booth space. Add another 3' of showcase for Rodenstock large format lenses brings our direct large format exposure up to 12 feet out of 40 linear feet.

    Too bad you didn't seem to see it. It was in the booth with the very large picture of a Linhof TK and the very large picture of the Rodenstock lenss on the back wall and the Linhof, Rodenstock and Wista names on the end wall.

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo


    Sorry, I should have mentioned HP as well as Arca. It just didn't come to mind as I was writing, which it should have given that I saw you working at the booth and was finally able to connect your helpful posts to a face. I would have introduced myself, but you looked busy. Three days straight at a show like that must be very hard work.

    I still think it's fair to say that the overwhelming orientation of the show was digital. That's not good or bad. It's just reality. One thing that really struck me was that a rep for one of the most prestigious manufacturers of filters said that demand for filters was way down.

    It was nice to see that there was at least some large format presence. Given that you were working the show, I'd be very interested in what your impressions were about the level of large formta interest and what kind of clientele demonstrated interest.

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo

    Disappointing news just received in a reply from Polaroid:

    "I'm sorry to say that we will not be coming out with 805 film. We did have a small supply for test purposes (which is what you saw at the show), but there is not a big enough demand to warrant manufacturing this film (confirmed with Start Strong, Worldwide Pro-Photo Marketing Manager)."

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo


    Keith Canham was there. I had a nice long somewhat philosophical conversation with him. It was a great pleasure to talk to him, as always...

    Wisner wasn't there, as far as I could tell.

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo

    Ron Wisner was there with Ries. I talked with him on Friday and he was there on Saturday also. He brought 3 cameras (16x20, 8x10 & 5x7).

    Many LF vendors share space with bigger players so they are not listed in the program. You have to search a little to find them. This show is not dedicated to LF but there was a strong presence of LF manufacturers.

    I hadn't gone to this show for several years, but friends who have said that this was a better show for LF compared to what was there the last few years. The vendors I spoke with were helpful and upbeat.

    The news from Polaroid is disappointing (if true), but the news from the Ilford people was positive.

    Keith Canham said he sold out his production run of metal 8x10's due to large orders from Asia. This is one of many positive signs that our small community of LF photographers is strong and growing!

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    Cool Stuff at PhotoPlus Expo

    " I'd be very interested in what your impressions were about the level of large formta interest and what kind of clientele demonstrated interest."

    Minimal compared to the interest in our other products being shown.

    Most were commercial or amateur shooters. But we had 5 people working the booth stretched out over 40' so I did not see everyone who expressed interest so I can only comment on the interest I personally saw.

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