I am glad to see Schneider introduce these two new "Fine Art" lenses. It is a significant show of faith in the future of large format film-based photography. I am an 8x10 user (with aspirations to go bigger) thus the reason for posting this question under 8x10 instead of ULF. The 550 XXL with a 900mm image circle far exceeds my needs and there are smaller, less expensive, lenses available in this focal range. But new (multicoated) lenses over 800mm are limited (the Nikon Tel ED 1200 is the only one?). So the 1100 XXL really caught my attention. My question is: how much bellows do I need to use these lenses. I assume the 550 XXL uses about 550mm at infinity. The 1100 XXL has such a large image circle that I suspect it is not a telephoto lens, ie. will need about 1100mm of bellows at infinity. But there are few cameras with that much bellows, especially if you add in the extra bellows to focus closer than infinity. Which makes me think it must be a telephoto design. So how much bellows do I need? Thanks.