I have never seen this topic discussed, but for me it is an integral part of doing large format in the field. For some reason I gravitate towards pictures taken from precarious perches. Either I am climbing up rocks and setting up on boulders, tripod on one, me on another, or working in streams stepping from wet, slippery, wobbly rock to wet, slippery, wobbly rock. Often when I am finally in place, I can hardly see the front of the camera to set the aperture and shutter. I am usually standing on a rounded boulder with no margin for movement in any direction, constantly reminding myself where I am, lest I become so absorbed in the image making that I take a step to the side or backward and into trouble. Considering the frequency of these situations, I have led a charmed life in that no harm has (so far!) come to my person or equipment. Surely I am not alone in my proclivity to precarious perches. Anyone been less lucky? (Maybe I don't want to hear!) - Martin (www.millervisuals.com)