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Thread: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Ooh, thanks! I'll give that a go. Though, I recently got a DPL update notice, so I'll try the new version first.

    Cheers from Casablanca,

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Quote Originally Posted by onnect17 View Post
    I wonder how many owners of Howtek and DPL users are members of the forum. It could be helpful to notify of tips, fixes, documents, parts, etc. Please post the scanner(s) model.
    Howtek Model 4500 Two scanners with Silverfast Software

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Chris, I should update and note that my issue was linked to either using too new a driver fory Adaptec SCSI card or the fact that one of the cards I tried is an Ultra320 Adaptec card and the newest driver seems to lock the page size to something much smaller than is needed to stream a chunk of data from the scanner to the host machine before the pass of the drum is completed and the drum is moved along the sensor pick up. So the new version of DPL seems to perform as it was meant to assuming you are not using an Ultra320 scsi controller by Adaptec or, if you are, that you try an older driver. I am currently using Adaptec's x64 driver with the 29320LPE on a Windows 10 x64 machine with DPL 8.1 and that combination seems to work fine.

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Thanks for that, I'm using the Ratoc USB converter from Aztek. If this still doesn't work, maybe I'll move to a SCSI card.


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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    In case anyone is curious about running DPL on their Mac, I have an Aztek Premier hooked up to my 2013 Mac Pro with the Ratoc USB converter. Windows 10 64-bit is installed on my Mac first in Bootcamp and then through a Parallels VM based on that Bootcamp installation. And I've been able to successfully run the Premier with DPL 8.1 in a Windows 10 Parallels VM. Since the two OSes are running simultaneously with separate resources allocated to each of them, I'm able to work in Photoshop or have a few dozen tabs open in Chrome, while the scanner runs, without running into any banding problems from issues with RAM. Just thought I'd put all that out there in case anyone was curious about whether or not a similar setup would work. It does

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    I have read this entire thread and am very impressed with the level of knowledge and skill. I am hoping someone can help me with my HR8000 which is having trouble with flare. I assume it needs its optics aligned, but there is no viewing port on the optical box like the 4500 has. There doesn't appear to be an easy way into the thing either. I would love some pointers on how to adjust it if someone is willing to post.

    If you couldn't tell my skill level is on the low to medium side, but I have cleaned the lens in the FORI and done some of the lubricating outlined in earlier posts. My drum mounting technique is fine. The main problem I am seeing is a glow on the outside of the film border/sprocket holes. There is also more noise in my scans than I would have thought would come from a drum scanner. Although, I have no other drum scanner to compare with this one, so this might be par for the course.

    Thanks for any info. Great thread!


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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

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    This is an example of the flare/ film-edge glow I am talking about.

    More info: HR8000, DPL Standard 6.53, Windows XP (Dedicated to scanner). I don't believe the scanner has ever been serviced, but I don't know. I am the third owner.


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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    My first reaction is that the "flare" looks to me like tape (or possibly tape residue) on the negative, especially since I see it in both horizontal and vertical on the negative outside the image area and it has a clearly defined edge.

    How are you mounting this negative to the drum? Is it being taped directly or is it under a mylar sheet?
    Has this negative been mounted previously by someone else which could have left some tape residue on the negative?


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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Thanks Dave for your reply. There is no tape residue or anything else on my originals. I don't mount my film to the drum with tape, I only tape the mylar down. No one else has touched my film since it was developed.

    I guess I should add that I asked Evan about my problem. He said that I need the optics to be adjusted, and would be glad to do it. I hope this gives my diagnosis some credibility. The problem with that is I simply can't afford sending my scanner most of the way across the USA to be serviced by Aztek.

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    Re: DPL users/owners of Howtek/Aztek scanners

    Hello, all. I'm desperately seeking help before hauling my Howtek 7500 down to Aztek for evaluation/repair.

    I've been getting striping / banding in my scans for a while now, and I've tried everything to resolve it. Specifically, here are the issues:
    - Thin diagonal stripes / bands. See the first image below, a 100% crop of a 6x6 color-negative image of a glacier.
    - Slightly broader stripes / bands. See the second image below (note the vertical band running down the middle), a 100% crop of the same negative. Note that these bands are in the direction of drum travel, perpendicular to drum rotation.
    - Scans seem noisier / grainier than they used to be.

    Here's are the steps I've taken to resolve the issue, to no avail:
    - replaced bulbs
    - changed battery in UPS power supply
    - replaced SCSI cable
    - tried changing resolution
    - blew out dust inside and outside scanner
    - tried a different drum
    - tried different mylar
    - tried a different negative
    - replaced belts
    - replaced calibration strips
    - removed FORI.
    - Semi-attempted an index adjustment, but I'm confused about where to lock down the encoder coupling. The manual says to lock it when both LEDs on the board are off, but those LEDs are nearly always off, except in the one spot per revolution when they are on. If anyone knows more about doing an index adjustment, I'd love to discuss it.

    Any more ideas? Anyone seen this before?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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